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My Painting & Running Buddy

One day in April 2021 I overslept, a bit unusual for me. So instead of the planned early boot camp session, my lockdown running partner Carol and I set off on a 10 mile route taking in the Beeley side of Chatsworth .

Jersey Cow Run

Running off road brings its own challenges and it can be tiring mentally, as well as physically, watching where you put your feet. I love it but it’s not Carol’s favourite kind of route .

So, when we came across a group of inquisitive Jersey cows and a few chickens it was the perfect spot for a breather to appreciate the views and take a few pictures . Anyone that has run with me knows that coming across a cow usually means an excuse for a rest.

Carol also paints and she was the one that inspired me to dig out my paints, so when we both got injured, soon after this run, we became painting buddies instead . And the photographs taken on our runs are now becoming my subjects…

Jersey Cow Painting


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